Limited Toon World 9pc Box Set Bundle

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Contents Include:

  • Wooden Toon World Book-Shaped Storage Box (9.15 x 6.65 x 2.5 inches)
  • Cloth 2-Player Toon World Mat
  • x2 (Pair) of Custom Toon Dice (22mm)
  • Metal Gold Field Center/Token (Yugioh Sized)
  • Hard Enamel Toon Ultimate Dragon Pin (2 inches)
  • *BONUS PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE* Hard Enamel Toon DMG Pin (2.3 inches)
  • Toon DMG UV Waterpoof Vinyl Car Decal Sticker (4.5x2.75 inches)


A collaborative effort between Amanda and Rush, This unique 9 piece box set is a limited run; only 100 are being produced. Comes with signed, numbered authenticity card, 1 through 100.

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