BREAKING (10-21-2021):
Fulfillment to resume as scheduled (10/25/2021) but speed may be affected by lack of staff.
Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding!

Kickstarter Updates:

Trinity Kickstarter updates:
Week of 10-10-2021
The art book is currently in the midst of production and is looking to be completed and fulfilled by November.

All of the art pieces that came out after the Trinity Kickstarter that has been created up until the Halloween Akiza art should also be included within the artbook.
This also includes the Field Center designs for anyone that pledged either the $1100 or $2500 tier
Magician's Valkyria Products:
The Magician's Valkyria supplemental goods (sleeves, field centers, pins, etc.) have all been completed with the exception of the mat.

Due to complications with Pvramid Gaming's production line, the entire order has to be remade. We anticipate that these will be printed in November and will take about a week to produce. These will then be shipped to Amanda's location for order fulfillment.
Exclusive Field Center and Pvramid Mat Pledges:
We are aiming to have all the exclusive Field Centers for those that pledged either the $1100 or $2500 tiers completed and submitted to the manufacturer by the end of October. We anticipate that these will take a few weeks for the manufacturer to both produce and ship them safely to Amanda's location. These will begin to ship to their respective owners once they have arrived along with the other components.

The Pvramid mat designs will be produced gradually over the course of the next few months. We have reached out to all of you already individually to discuss what and how you would like your designs to look. Please be advised that Amanda and Kai will need time to create the designs individually. We plan on reaching out again in the future to discuss further instructions as to the overall design of your mats (ink colors, fabric types, edits, etc.). These will ship separately from the other items in the Kickstarter.
Order Fulfillment:
We expect fulfillment to begin sometime in November once all the components have arrived from their respective manufacturers. Please be advised that there may be delays on order fulfillment as we approach the busy holiday season along with potential delays from the manufacturers. We expect that fulfillment window will roll over into December as necessary.

Thank you for your continued patience and support with all the delays surrounding the Kickstarter. We assure you that you will not be disappointed.
In transit updates:
Week of 10-19-2021
Many of the items slated for an August fulfillment window have been pushed back due to manufacturing issues resulting in Amanda not yet having the product. 
The items listed below are all confirmed to be in-transit to Amanda now.
Thank you very much for your patience!
  • The Trevor Project Charity Drive - Limited DMG x Harpie and Yami/Atem x Kaiba Metal Field Center
  • Magician Girl Dice
  • Brandish Maiden Bundle dice (the final component)

Production Updates:

In Production (no release date yet)
Week of 10-19-2021
The items below are confirmed to be in mid production by their respective manufacturers.
  • Lady Devimon Dicewinder 2.0 Deck Box (short print of 200 units)

  • BRD/Akidress Metal Gemstone Dicewinder 2.0 Deck Box +free exclusive Akiza FC
  • BRD/Akidress 9-pocket binder

  • Champion Cynthia Dicewinder 2.0 Deck Box
  • Champion Cynthia Sleeve Set of 2 Designs (standard+ygo size options)
  • Liliana of the Veil 12-pocket Leather Binder +free exclusive Liliana metal Token/FC
  • Liliana of the Veil Sleeves (standard+ygo size options)
Other Updates:
Week of 10-19-2021
We are expecting the production and shipping delays to result in pushing back the fulfillment window of the Brandish Maiden box set to an October / November fulfillment window.
  • Dice are currently in-transit to Amanda!
    Everything else is finished.  Once dice arrive then fulfillment can begin!
  • The Dragonmaid dice had finished production but the dice mold was bad causing the products to be faulty. 
    Production has been restarted.  No estimated date of completion. 
  • The Magician Girl dice are still in production.  No estimated date of completion.

Fulfillment Updates:

Packing and Shipping Updates:
Week of 10-19-2021
A huge shipment of sleeves arrived as of 10-19-2021!
Orders that are now eligible to be fulfilled; 
  • Garden Rose Maiden Field Center and Sleeves
  • Limited Ecclesia & Ferrijit Crossover Metal Field Center and Sleeve Set
  • Limited Build-A-Bundle Magician Girl Set
  • Angewomon + LadyDevimon Sleeves
The fulfillment team will strive to handle all outstanding orders over the course of the next 2 weeks.