Current Release Schedule 2021 (Subject to Change)

:ticket: = 7 day open preorder
:closed_lock_with_key: = limited stock

                 Sloomoo Firework Emoji | Emoji, Childrens museum, Fireworks July Sloomoo Firework Emoji | Emoji, Childrens museum, Fireworks
:closed_lock_with_key: IP: Masquerena Alt Art Playmat + Field Center

:closed_lock_with_key: Pokecharmer FC set collab with Tapiocards



:closed_lock_with_key: Minerva / Judgement Dragon FC+Sleeves
:closed_lock_with_key:  Farra, the White Wolf Bundle



:closed_lock_with_key:Stardust Trail / Shooting Majestic Star Dragon Field Center



:closed_lock_with_key:Seasonal Akiza: Vampire Falloweeen Edition



:closed_lock_with_key:  Champion Cynthia Deck Box w/ metal dividers



:closed_lock_with_key:Seasonal Akiza: Winter Holiday Edition

Production Updates

  • Orcust Binder Products: Currently being fulfilled.
  • Angewomon Deck Boxes: Currently being fulfilled.
  • Shaddoll Winda Field Centers and sleeves: Currently being fulfilled. 
  • Invoked Mini Bundle: Currently being fulfilled.
  • Orcust Dice: Currently being fulfilled.
  • Kai E 1P Digimon Playmats: Currently being fulfilled.
  • Silent Magician Field Centers and sleeves: Currently being fulfilled.
  • BLS/CED Field Centers: Currently being fulfilled.
  • House/Chamber Dragonmaid Field Centers: Currently in transit to Amanda
  • Digimon Crest 2-P Cloth Mat: Production 50% completed and sent to Amanda. Other 50% to be completed by the end of July.

Fulfillment Updates

  • Due to the sheer amount of product that arrived around the same time there has been a significant gap between tracking information being generated and when Amanda has been able to fill orders and hand them off to USPS.

    Thank you everyone for your patience as Amanda and the team addresses one of the largest fulfillment waves ever.

    Amanda and the team are in the process of handing off thousands of orders to the USPS. Please be on the lookout for your tracking information to update!