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Limited Pokemon Danger! Oricas + Raffle Ticket for Original Alters

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This is a special event fundraiser for a member of the community who's personal collection was stolen.

This item is a digital ticket for raffle entry to win one of the original 3 Danger! alters. Tickets are not limited per person, each purchase counts as an entry and increases your odds.

Each ticket comes with a free physical copy of an orica version of the finished alter set.

The orica set will be altered Tuesday, May 14th live on stream and the raffle winners will be picked through a randomizer live after the alters are complete, May 15th (this listing will be marked as SOLD OUT when the raffle entry window is over)

The 3 alters available are:

Danger! Nessie as Lapras

Danger?! Jackalope as Detective Pikachu

Danger?! Tsuchinoko as Bulbasaur