Series 1 Authentic Full Grain Leather Double Deck Box: Ebony Black REDMD

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100% Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather and 2 inserts lined with leather textured microfiber. Full Grain leather is renowned to be the highest quality leather money can buy. And due to the careful tanning process of the hide, vegetable tanned leather actually gets better with time and use; it doesn't crack or dry out and thus has a very long lifespan. 

Series 1 Double Deck Box comes in 3 design options:
Rose Red Leather with Metallic Gold Akiza Cover Artwork and optional matching Pre-Order Exclusive Cloth 1P Mat
Orchid Purple Leather with Pink Magi Magi Magician Gal Cover Artwork (collab with Kai E)
Ebony Black Leather with Red Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Cover Artwork (Collab with Kai E)


Exterior Dimensions:

15 cm wide x 10 cm tall x 6 cm deep

The 2 Internal Boxes Dimensions:

7 cm wide each x 9.5 cm tall x 5.5 cm deep

As a reference, these boxes hold roughly the same amount of cards as the standard Konami Double Deck Boxes.


These designs are limited stock and will not be reproduced. The first 100 units will be priced at 64.99. Subsequent orders will cost $5 more, priced at 69.99.

Ships Feb 2021.